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Dressing Tables


Dressing Tables for Imaginative Play

At Preschool Education, we understand the importance of role-play in building confidence and creativity in children. Resources designed for imaginative play are the perfect way to boost this at your childcare centre or kindergarten. Give your play environment an upgrade with a fun and multipurpose dressing table to aid pretend play and help children develop new skills.   

The Dressing Table is a versatile play piece that can be used for a range of imaginative activities. Pretend play helps children learn how to take turns, share responsibility with others, and problem-solve. 

Our dressing table is Australian-made, constructed from high-quality furniture-grade  hardwood. Our products are designed to withstand daily use, are long lasting, and can be easily cleaned to keep them hygienic.  

Preschool Equipment’s dressing table can be paired perfectly with our home corner range to teach daily routine and self-perception.

Preschool Equipment’s range of dressing tables helps to encourage imaginative and dramatic play at your kindergarten. Get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 555 972 for more information.