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Rainbow Colour Sorting Mat 70cm

Rainbow Colour Sorting Mat 70cm


SKU: P/P865

Size:  70 cm Diameter

The Rainbow Colour Sorting Mat 70cm is a versatile and engaging play surface designed to inspire open-ended play and encourage children’s creativity and imagination. Featuring vibrant circles of the rainbow, this mat provides an excellent backdrop for a wide range of activities, including colour matching, imaginative play, and game playing.

With its soft and durable felt construction, the Rainbow Mat is the perfect choice for indoor play. What sets the Rainbow Mat apart is its ability to incorporate loose parts and other materials into play. Whether it’s buttons, beads, feathers, or leaves, children can use their loose parts to create unique and imaginative play scenarios. The Rainbow Mat is an open invitation to children to explore their world, experiment with different materials, and engage in endless possibilities of play.

Ages: 0+ months.