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Winky_OwlWinky OwlWinky OwlWinky Owl
Winky Owl
Winky Owl
Winky Owl

Winky Owl


SKU: DT96006

Item Dimensions: L x W x H – cm 9 x 18 x 23
Product Dimensions: 23cm high sitting

This pretty owl can either be asleep or awake, as it comes with a unique and adorable lifting eyelids feature. On its pocket, a colorful, removable flower can be squeaked. There is also rattle and crinkle on each side. The owl has ribbon ears that children can play with for fun and as a way to improve their color recognition development.

Why Children Love this Toy:
Sounds: Children will delight in creating sounds by using the toy?s squeakers.
Color: The variation of color makes them highly engaging for inquisitive babies.
Material: A high quality, safe design means babies can use different parts of the toy as teethers.

Other features:
Soft material for use as a teether toy.
Non-toxic (Formaldehyde Free, BPA Free).

Suitable for ages: 0+ months