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Wooden Solar Discs 11pcs

Wooden Solar Discs 11pcs


SKU: 73482

Size of sun: 110mm diameter.

Please note, this product is available for pre-order and scheduled for delivery in mid-July.

These smooth plywood Wooden Solar Discs feature vibrant, realistic illustrations of celestial bodies on one side – the sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, our moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. On the reverse side, each disc is labelled with its name, diameter, average temperature, and distance from the sun. Designed for easy gripping and manipulation, they can be rotated, flipped, and stood upright. Plus, there’s a hanging hole for creating a solar system mobile.

This versatile set offers an engaging way to learn about the solar system, with detailed images perfect for discussion and expanding space knowledge. Children can enhance descriptive language, explore mathematical concepts, engage in collaborative play, develop fine motor skills, delve into imaginative play, and gain an understanding of the world. It includes an informative guide in 8 languages, an A3 solar system poster, and a cotton drawstring storage bag.

Ages: 12+ months.

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