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Wooden Natural Stacking TriangleTranslucent Hashtag Set 26pcWooden Natural Stacking Squares
Wooden Natural Stacking Triangle
Translucent Hashtag Set 26pc
Wooden Natural Stacking Squares

Wooden Natural Stacking Triangle


SKU: 33039

5.5cm W x 21.4cm H x 21.4cm W

Our lovely natural Triangle Wooden Stacking Toy has soft, warm hues and comes with 7 stacking triangles. Imagination is the only limit to playtime possibilities with this wooden stacking toy! With no guidelines or rules, creative youngsters can stack the triangles in any way they decide, discovering unique uses for each of the triangles. Little hands can assemble a variety of shapes and objects while learning all about different sizes and colours.

This beautiful stacking toy is made from solid wood and coloured with non-toxic paints. Helps to develop creativity, dexterity and spatial reasoning skills. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials and conforms to current European safety standards.

Made from ethically sourced materials.

Age 3+ years

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