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Zeddy Zebra


SKU: DT95108

Item Dimensions: L x W x H – cm 25 x 20 x 13
Product Dimensions: 38cm high sitting

This large Zeedy Zebra toy has various different activities to keep children entertained for hours, and it is part of the Dolce Toys range. It is made from knitted fabric and contains mirrors, rattles, a squeaky flower in a pocket and teethers on the tail and ears.

Why Children Love this Toy:
Sounds: Children will delight in creating sounds through using the squeakers, crinkles and rattles.
Color: The variation of color makes them highly engaging for inquisitive babies.
Material: A high quality, safe design means babies can use different parts of the toy as teethers.
Touch: The different textures and crinkle ears are extremely satisfying for children to play with.

Dolce Toys create stunning soft toys that are scientifically proven to develop children’s cognitive functions. Their products were recently authenticated by making it the only soft toy company in the world whose entire range has been authenticated by such a prestigious organisation.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. By playing with Dolce Toys, children expose themselves to crucial early learning STEM development without ever realising they’re doing more than simply enjoying themselves. Colour coordination, motor skills, linguistic development, telling the time, and basic numeracy skills are amongst the many benefits children gain from playing with the cuddly characters created by Dolce Toys.

Other features:
Soft parts for use as a teether toy.
Non-toxic (Formaldehyde Free, BPA Free).

Suitable for ages: 0+ months