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About Us

Our Story

Preschool Equipment was established in 1992 by Anna and Cyril Lutchner. Dissatisfied with equipment available to their grandchildren at the time, they sought to supply high quality Australian made furniture and equipment to early childhood experts, educators and centres.

wooden toys
Active Play and Learn Table

Pioneers in the industry

Over time, the business has grown to incorporate three generations of family to deliver natural learning environments through durable, streamlined designs. Pioneering the use of hardwoods, PSE’s versatile range amounts to almost 400 products, majority of which are still handmade in Australia.

wooden stackable chairs

Our Timbers

The majority of our products are made in Australia utilising the highest quality and sustainable sourced materials. Our focus in using solid timber hardwood for their strength, durability and finish.

Vic Ash/ Tas Oak

Hardwood grown in the Alpine regions of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Colouring ranges from pale pink to yellowish brown. This timber serves as the backbone of our Australian made furniture and is used in Storage, Tables, Home Corner and Outdoor Furniture ranges.


Unique hardwood known for its durability. Grown in Western Australia and displays deep red colours. Jara is used in majority of our Outdoor Furniture range for a beautiful two–tone finish.

European Oak

Beautiful hardwood grown in Western Europe, displays straight grains and pale to yellow brown colours. Used in our exclusive Oak chair to specifically match our Australian made range of Vic Ash furniture.


Plantation hardwood grown in Southeast Asia, light in colour.


Dense and durable hardwood, grown across many regions. Typically displays a golden, chocolate appearance.