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Baby Cots made in Australia

Do we need to refer to them as Baby cots?

Discover Preschool Equipment’s comprehensive range of high-quality baby cots which have been designed in Australia. Made from premium materials, all our cots are ideal for preschools and childcare centres looking to create a comfortable environment for sleep time.

When choosing a childcare cot, first consider the space and access you’ll require for regular use. A moses basket can be a cosy place for babies to play and rest, while still being portable and sturdy. We have a range of ergonomically designed cots – from compact cots, ergo cots to purpose-built evacuation cots. Our cots also feature a waterproof mattress for all your hygiene needs.

Providing safe sleep products is paramount to Preschool Equipment. Our range has been designed with rounded edges and corners, and complies with all relevant safety standards.

Preschool Equipment’s range of baby cots, moses baskets and functional sleep products have been created for staff ease and to ensure the best possible sleep. Get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 555 972 and we’d be happy to help with your enquiry.