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Rattan Furniture

Shop our Range of Beautifully-made Rattan Children’s Furniture

Find unique, handmade rattan children’s furniture at Preschool Equipment. Explore our range of stylish and versatile pieces and enhance your learning environment with the natural warmth and luxury of rattan. Constructed with premium, responsibly sourced rattan, and built to last, our eco-friendly rattan children’s furniture will elevate the look of any childcare or kindergarten space while setting the scene for imaginative play for preschool-aged children.

Create a calming and timeless environment with the classic look of boho-inspired rattan toddler furniture, available in natural colours and handwoven using sustainable construction methods. Flexible and durable, rattan children’s furniture is a hard-wearing alternative to man-made materials. It is one of the most sustainable resources for furniture construction, making it an environmentally considerate option for childcare centres.

Browse Rattan Baby Doll Furniture and Accessories

Encourage open-ended, make-believe and role-play for children in your care with beautifully made rattan baby doll furniture, accessories and toys. Little girls and boys will love feeding and caring for their baby dolls and putting them to bed in charming rattan bassinets, dole beds, or rattan strollers. Create the ideal space for imaginative play, and modernise the look of your centre, with our curated collection of rattan furniture for children.

Enhance your Childcare Space with Rattan Baby Furniture from PSE

Beautify your children’s areas and invite sensory exploration with rattan baby furniture crafted with love. Rattan baby furniture instantly elevates any room, creating a soothing environment for babies, young children, and their carers.

Preschool Equipment is founded by three generations of parents like you, delivering curated collections of high-quality, educational, and sustainable toys, crafts, activities and furniture for childcare professionals and centres. Explore our complete range today.