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Activity Shape BoxActivity Shape BoxActivity Shape Box
Activity Shape Box
Activity Shape Box
Activity Shape Box

Activity Shape Box


SKU: TL76010

L 22cm x W 16.5cm x H 21cm

The Activity Shape Box is an interactive shape sorter that challenges children to match 6 shapes with rotating sorting slots. It offers 2 different options to rotate and capture the shapes in an internal holder. Once all shapes are sorted, lift the storage lid to remove them and start the fun again. Each sealed sorting shape includes an internal rattle for sensory stimulation. Made from environmentally friendly wheat-fibre plastic, this early learning toy is designed to be durable, with a smooth, shiny surface and no sharp edges. BPA and phthalate-free, it ensures safety for children and peace of mind for educators.

Our Activity Shape Box is designed to last and hold ICTI Certification for Social and Environmental Accountability and ISO 9001 certification for quality standards, reflecting their commitment to ethical manufacturing and fair labour practices.

Ages: 12+ months