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Clock PuzzleClock PuzzleClock PuzzleClock PuzzleClock Puzzle
Clock Puzzle
Clock Puzzle
Clock Puzzle
Clock Puzzle
Clock Puzzle

Clock Puzzle


SKU: KC5219C

Size: 30cm L3cm H30cm W

This educational clock puzzle is a great tool to learn the time, and practice sorting and number sequencing. With moveable hands and lots of bright colours, this puzzle is a fantastic way to introduce the concept of time.

  • Enhance play and learning with these simple ideas:
  • Match the shapes to the colours on the board
  • Name the shapes the numbers are on
  • Call out times and help your child to create them on the clock
  • Discuss the difference between the minute and hour hands
  • An opportunity to discuss schedules

Suitable for ages: 18 months+

Category: Puzzles