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Flexispace Tiered Set 1Flexispace Tiered Set 1
Flexispace Tiered Set 1
Flexispace Tiered Set 1

Flexispace Tiered Set 1



Flexi Quarter Circle: W 530mm × D 380mm × H 780mm

Flexi Open Back Flexi: W 1200mm × D 380mm × H 780mm

Flexi Tiered Shelf Unit: W 1200mm × D 380mm × H 780mm

Get creative with our Flexispace Tiered Set 1 which is part of our Flexispace modular furniture range. Mix and match with your favourite Flexispace pieces to suite your needs.
Our contemporary designs are handcrafted in Australia from solid Vic Ash Hardwood. The items include heavy duty lockable castors and will arrive fully assembled to ensure durability and a beautiful finish.

Included: Flexi Quarter Circle, Flexi Open Back and Flexi Tiered Shelf Unit.