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Little Lucky GameLittle Lucky Game
Little Lucky Game
Little Lucky Game

Little Lucky Game


SKU: DJ8560

Package Dimensions: 22cm L X 22cm H X 5cm W X 556 g

Little Lucky Game – Step into the thrilling realm of “Chance and Memory”! In this enchanting game, tiny mice dash to gather cheese morsels while honing their visual memory and keen observation skills. Crafted for ages 2½ and beyond, this game serves as an exciting introduction to the concepts of chance and memory, all wrapped up in delightful gameplay.

Featuring charming animal figurines, robust jumbo dice, and sturdy cards, “Chance and Memory” is tailored for little hands to navigate with ease. The game’s rules are straightforward and easily grasped, perfectly suited for young attention spans.

Yet, the true magic lies in its inclusivity—not just for kids, but adults too can partake in the joy, of bonding with their little ones over a shared adventure. Embark with the tiny mice on their cheese-gathering escapade and discover who will emerge victorious!

Included in the package are 24 card tiles and 2 wedges (divided into 4), adorned with whimsical illustrations, along with 2 vinyl figurines, and a comprehensive set of game rules available in 10 languages.

Ideal for 2 players, each session lasts a brisk 10 minutes, making it an ideal fit for busy schedules. The objective? To be the first to assemble a full cheese comprised of 4 pieces.

This product is crafted from FSC® certified paper and cardboard, ensuring both fun and sustainability.

Ages: 2.5+ years