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Multi–Angled MirrorMulti–Angled Mirror
Multi–Angled Mirror
Multi–Angled Mirror

Multi–Angled Mirror and Base


SKU: 012

W 900mm × H 1200mm

The Australian made Multi–Angled Mirror and Base is a versatile piece that can be used to create intentional spaces in children’s environments. The space created by the Multi-Angled mirror can provide a dedicated and authentic learning space for blocks, construction materials or it could be even be covered with fabric for dramatic play. Children could be provided with provocations to challenge their visual/spatial intelligence. For example, educators who have high expectations of children might challenge them to build a block building on the base and extend their learning by asking them to draw what they have built. The multi-angled mirror multiplies the possibilities for learning when educators ask children to draw the building by looking at the reflection and asking them, ‘what does the building look like from behind. The Multi-Angled Mirror features a strong Acrylic safety mirror.