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Rock Pool SetRock Pool Set
Rock Pool Set
Rock Pool Set

Rock Pool Set


SKU: TL8486

35 cm L x 5 cm H x 30 cm W

Dive into the underwater world of fun with our Rock Pool Set!

Imagine discovering the secret sea creatures hiding within the crevices of three large, sturdy rocks. This unique rock pool design features cavities where small fish and shrimp can play, along with three shape-sorting base layers to enhance children’s learning and development. And that’s not all! The rocks with holes can even be transformed into a 3D seaweed forest, adding an extra layer of imaginative play.

With a full set that includes;

  • 8 rocks,
  • an octopus,
  • a starfish,
  • a crab,
  • a mud hopper,
  • family of 4 fish,
  • 2 snails,
  • a seashell,
  • a hermit crab,
  • 2 barnacles,
  • a shrimp,
  • a mussel,
  • a scallop,
  • a sea anemone,
  • 2 limpets,
  • 5 seaweed fronds, all contained in a pretty printed bag.

Children will have a blast exploring and playing with all the different creatures in their very own rock pool.

Ages: 3+ years

Category: Wooden Toys