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Sensory Activity TraySensory Activity Tray
Sensory Activity Tray
Sensory Activity Tray

Sensory Activity Tray


SKU: MT7118

18cm L x 5cm H x 18cm W

Embark on a sensory adventure with this charming Sensory Activity Tray, designed to captivate and engage a child’s senses. Featuring seven removable chunky shapes, each offering a unique sensory experience, this imaginative board includes the Honeycomb Harmony for visual stimulation, the Clackity Green Cylinder for auditory delight, the Shakeable Leaf for gentle auditory exploration, the Furry Feline Fun for tactile adventure, the Squeaky Flower for whimsical auditory surprises, the Belle of the House for a delightful jingle, and the Starlit View for color and shape recognition.

Ideal for fostering early learning in colour and shape recognition and honing hand-eye coordination through interaction with its engaging features.

Ages: 24 months+

Category: Puzzles