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Under The Sea Discovery Playmat

Under The Sea Discovery Playmat


SKU: 73560

Size: 625mm diameter.
Wipe clean only.

Please note, this product is available for pre-order and scheduled for delivery in mid-July.

Our captivating Under The Sea Discovery Playmat boasts highly detailed photographic imagery of a vibrant coral reef teeming with tropical fish. It serves as an excellent foundation for imaginative play scenarios, perfectly complementing our Wooden Sea Creatures. Designed to fit seamlessly into our Sensory Discovery Table.

Constructed from durable polyester, it offers resilience and effortless cleaning, making it an indispensable accessory for small-world play, storytelling, and sensory exploration.

Thanks to its semi-translucent properties, the playmat is particularly effective on a light panel or mood table, allowing light to permeate through and illuminate the fish and coral. The choice of light source influences the mat’s appearance, altering colours, intensifying hues, or even creating fluorescent effects, providing an enthralling exploration of colour during playtime.

Ages: 0+ years.