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Wooden Toys Children's ToysHylla Display System SmallSupermarket Grocery Set Wooden ToysSupermarket Grocery Set Wooden Toys
Wooden Toys Children's Toys
Hylla Display System Small
Supermarket Grocery Set Wooden Toys
Supermarket Grocery Set Wooden Toys

Wooden Supermarket Grocery Set


SKU: TL8287

Size: 26cm x 29cm x 14.5cm

Need to pop down to the store for a tub of ice cream?  This is a must-have set for any child with a market or café set up. It features adorably designed Tender Leaf Toy branded grocery items.

Suitable for ages: 3 + years

The pack includes:
An ice-cream tub
A tin of peaches
Cat food
Tomato sauce
Olive oil
A bag of crisps with crinkle paper inside for a sensory experience
A bag of frozen peas with round hard balls inside
A bag filled with 3 lemons
A tin of sardines and a box of rice
A box of crackers
A pack of spaghetti and half a pound of cheese.