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Kids Couch

Kids Couches for Style and Comfort

Preschool Equipment believes furniture for early childhood education should be functional, safe and most importantly, fun! The kid’s couch is a perfect example.

Our selection of children’s couches comes in a range of styles, sizes and striking colours to complete your childcare centre or kindergarten. 

Sitting areas for children should be a welcoming and calming space. Our kids couches come in a variety of colours, such as cobalt, orange and grey to create the perfect relaxation area. 

The range is not just beautiful but is also fit for purpose. Made of durable materials like European Oak, Preschool Equipment’s children’s couch products are durable, easy to maintain and made to meet the demands of regular daily use. 

Our designs feature simple silhouettes to create an inviting space that captivates the eye. Pair a kids couch with our Oval Coffee Table to create the ideal chill-out area that allows children to calm, relax, re-organise and refocus.

Preschool Equipment’s range of kids couches comes in a variety of styles, shapes and colours to add a fun pop to any room. Get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 555 972 and we’d be happy to help with your enquiry.