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The Italia Sofa 4pcs Olive

The Italia Sofa 4pcs Olive



Corner Sofa: 600L x 600W x 500H
Lounge Chair: 600L x 600W x 500H
Ottoman: 600L x 600Wx 300H
Seat Height: 300H
All 4 pieces: 1200: x 1800W x 500H

Inspired by Italian design, the Vegan Leather Italia Sofa brings a touch of style to any centre. Crafted for comfort and designed for flexibility, these pieces effortlessly shift to create various seating setups, even doubling as standalone armchairs. Its lightweight construction allows for easy mobility and is easy to clean.

Discover adaptable and ethical seating solutions that cater to your changing needs, all while capturing the essence of Italy’s timeless style.


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