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Tree Gears and Cogs Puzzle

Tree Gears and Cogs Puzzle


SKU: MT7117

20cm L x 6cm H x 20cm W

Introduce young ones to a world of enchantment with the delightful Wooden Tree Gears and Cogs Puzzle—an engaging play set that ignites curiosity and pleases the senses. Prepare for interactive exploration with a robust wooden tray featuring six colourful cogs. Each turn initiates a captivating chain reaction, creating delightful motion across the puzzle.

Key Features:
Interlocking Gears: Discover the wonder of cause and effect as the interlocking gears collaborate to generate charming motion.
Adorable Characters: Meet the endearing trio—the snail, bird, and ladybird—ready to spin and twirl with every twist, perfectly suited for tiny hands.

Ideal For:
Cause and Effect: Unveil the excitement of exploration as young ones grasp the fascinating link between their actions and the whimsical movements.
Fine Motor Skills: Enhance dexterity and coordination as they interact with the gears, nurturing essential motor skills.

Ages: 18 months+

Category: Puzzles