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Wooden Charcuterie Basket

Wooden Charcuterie Basket


SKU: TL8292

Size: L: 15.5cm x W: 15.5cm x H: 5.5cm

What a great basket! This fantastic wooden toy Charcuterie Basket Set pairs nicely with our home corner range, but works just as well with any play shop or kitchen. Inside this wicker basket are 7 wooden meat products including a Slice of ham and egg pie, Black sausage, Rasher of bacon, String of butchers sausages, Large salami, Spanish chorizo style sausage, and a Ham hock that can be sliced in 3 pieces. This lovely play food set mixes fun with learning and is guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of junior chefs, shopkeepers, and stallholders!

Ages: 3+ years.

Category: Food Play